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A simple way to show your links

This is a very simple static site generator for listing the links for your social media channels.

Sounds great but how do I use it?

It's very simple, follow these steps.

  1. Install PHP and Node.js
  2. Download the Project as zip or clone it
  3. Run composer install and npm install
  4. Edit the config.php file:
    • The author is the displayed name
    • The imageName should be the file name of the image you are using, the file itself should be placed in source/assets/images
    • The design refers to the style of your page the currently available styles are:
    • List as much links as you like in the links array:
      • With the platform property you can give the link the color of the social media plaform of your choice, but this feature is optional, the link will be displayed in the themes color if unset. This is currently only supported by themes which dont look ugly with that:
        • blurywhite
      • The currently supported platforms are:
        • YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, Linkedin, Mastodon, Tumblr, Discord, Twitch, Instagram, Flickr, Deviantart, Spotify, Snapchat, Reddit, Soundcloud, VK, Steam
      • You can give the link a different text if you want with the text property. It displays the platform set in the platform property normaly, but with that propery you can overwrite that.
      • If you don't want a platform color for a theme wich supports it. simply unset the platform property, but then you have to set the text property to get the link displayed.
      • Place the link in the link property, this property is needed.
  5. Compile the page with the command: npm run prod
  6. Copy the build_production directory to your webserver.


  • More themes

example.jpg by Yaka Bagus from Pexels: